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We're getting the word out! Thank you so much Congressman Daniel Webster for your support on The Lymphedema Treatment Act!

We appreciate the time that you took out of your busy schedule to come visit us and learn more about Lymphedema!

Lymphedema Support Group

Please join us for our monthly South Lake Lymphedema Support Group Meeting!

Lymphedema Support Group

Date: Friday July 31st

Time: 5:30 PM - 6:30 PM


One Yoga and Fitness

1214 Bowman St., Clermont, FL

RSVP: Contact Hillary at (352) 432-3910 or

We’re hosting our monthly Lymphedema Support Group! The meeting will provide support to people with lymphedema and caregivers. The “Swell Girls” have a mission and it is to optimize health for lymphedema patients through education and support, and increase awareness of lymphedema within the medical community and the general public.

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