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Complete Decongestive Therapy (CDT)

Currently, the most effective Lymphedema treatment is known as Complete Decongestive Therapy. CDT effectively reduces swelling and reverses the tissue changes of Lymphedema. Depending on the severity of the condition, the intensive phase varies on frequency and duration of treatment.

CDT includes the following components:

Manual Lymph Drainage (MLD):

MLD is a gentle technique of a slow, rhythmic stretching of the skin to stimulate the lymphatic vessels and lymph nodes. The movement of the skin accelerates the re-absorption of tissue fluid into the lymphatic channels, increasing the effectiveness of excess lymph fluid filtered through the lymph nodes. This technique reroutes the lymphatic fluid away from the congested area to healthy lymphatic vessels and nodes. 

Compression Bandaging:

Multilayer wrap consisting of short stretch non-elastic bandages (not ACE bandages) to prevent the re-accumulation of lymphatic fluid. Compression Bandages increase the efficiency of the muscle pumps and is used until the limb is sufficiently reduced to be fitted for compression garments. 


Meticulous skin and nail care is essential to decrease risk for any bacterial or fungal infection. A pH balanced moisturizing skin lotion is recommended. We also provide wound care, following wound care protocols per physician or wound care center. 

Therapeutic Exercises:

Remedial range of motion exercises; with compression bandages or compression garment on, to enhance the movement of lymph fluid out of the limb by activating the muscle pump. Instruction in diaphragmatic breathing exercises improves lymphatic flow. Each exercise program is customized depending on the patients needs.

Patient education:

Lymphedema management is an ongoing process, as each patient is educated in a unique and individualized program of self-care. We will tailor to each patient's individual requirements and needs.

Services Provided

LTU-904 Laser-FDA Approved For Lymphedema Treatment


Low Level Laser therapy (LLLT) is the treatment of various conditions using laser to bring about a photochemical reaction at a cellular level. The laser light penetrates into tissue where it is absorbed by cells and converted into energy that influences the course of metabolic processes. The LTU-904 models are infra-red lasers operating at a wavelength of 904 nanometers. This invisible wavelength penetrates deeply into tissue (much deeper than the often used red laser operating in the visible red region).AdvantagesSpecific advantages of the LTU-904 laser therapy include:-

Painless and often immediate analgesic effect at the time of treatment

Dramatically shortened recovery time with rapid reduction of swelling and inflammation

Non-invasive and patient friendly treatment

The LTU models are Class 1 lasers and therefore eye-safe for patients and clinicians.

Elastic Taping for Lymphedema
Vibration Therapy
Compression Garment Fitting & Training

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