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Patient Testimonials

August, 5, 2019

Letter from patient.

Dear Huyen,

Because of you- your calling and sense of mission, I can draw, type, write, ride a bike, and

go, do, and be! With no embarrassment, lymphedema is just a challenge. I even play a Ukulele now-you see, Huyen, you play a vital role in my life…and in the lives of many. So I thank you very sincerely.


December 23, 2016

Regina is awesome. From the moment I met her I felt completely comfortable and I knew we had formed a genuine bond of friendship for life. She is a very caring and gentle soul. She is funny and extremely knowledgeable. She is doing everything possible for me from teaching me to care for myself when the time comes to ordering me everything possible that insurance will allow. She has the massage touch of an angel and listens to you as you tell her your battles. I am SO HAPPY that I found Regina and Lymphedema & Physical Therapy Specialists.


October 11, 2016

The receptionist is so nice and professional and goes out of her way to be helpful! Huyen is awesome! She knew all about Lipedema and Lymphedema and how to treat it with massage, wrapping and compression. She gave me hope again where I had lost my hope!


September 2, 2016

This place is absolutely wonderful ! Everyone is so knowledgeable caring and professional. I almost hated to stop going. I learned more about my condition than I could ever have hoped for. When I started my right leg had some really bad raw spots and my left leg was blistering up as well. My legs are no longer open blisters after following all their advice and instructions. My legs look so much better its hard to believe. I will follow continuing care that I need to keep the fluid from building back up. Huyen and Yani were super throughout all the therapy sessions and answered all my questions even though some of them were silly owing to my ignorance of the lymphedema condition at the time. I highly recommend them if you have this condition. They know how to help you get better. Thanks again !!


July 30. 2015

"My health was on a downward spiral until I visited Huyen Vitale of Lympedema & Physical Therapy Specialists. Huyen and her entire team of stellar professionals took the time to really help me understand my situation and encouraged me every step of the way as I improved. Thank you so much Huyen for getting me back on my feet."


October 9, 2013

Letter written from one of our attendees at our Breast Cancer Awareness Event

Dear Huyen:

You are a visionary, a leader, a special and passionate specialist in Lymphedema Therapy. You obviously care very much about others, about your patients and by extension, about me. The event last night, where you and Stephanie presided beautifully, was an important step forward. The whole point of your passion was put in the spotlight and your ability to bring professionals together was a vital step in helping those you care about. Lymphedema as a “behind the scenes” reality for so many will not stay an unknown physical difficulty. I’m grateful to you. Good success to you and Stephanie. You work seamlessly together.



August 30, 2013

"Yes they are swell girls. God gifted them with great loving hearts."-GM

September 7, 2013

"Facing a lifetime of managing lymphedema can be a depressing – even frightening – situation. As a breast cancer survivor of 22 years, I was shocked to learn that the battle was still going to be a part of my world. What seemed like a happening out of the blue, my right arm ballooned up overnight. I set out to research every available medical resource, visiting every website for the right person to guide me through this new storm. I made calls, spoke to several people at hospitals and clinics – and then I came upon Huyen Vitale’s website – and I knew that I was home. When I called to make an appointment, I knew I was in the right place when I spoke to Stephanie. There was an instant connection and a genuine sense of friendship. I instinctively knew she was there because she cares. It was the most welcoming feeling I have ever had when I reached out for help to a medical office. Because of that, I almost expected the feeling I had when Huyen came out to greet me at my first visit and her smile went straight to my heart. It was like the sun bursting out of a cloudy sky. There was more power and promise in that beaming petite woman than an army of doctors. And I have learned more about having a healthy life from Huyen in the brief time we have spent together than I have learned from numerous physicians in over 20 years. Huyen is unique because God has blessed her with the special soul of a true Healer. Beyond the knowledge and skill required by her chosen field, her genuine caring and compassion for every person in her care envelops her patients in a feeling of comforting confidence and unwavering trust that enables us to do whatever it takes to restore our health. I know in my heart that Huyen will be one of my true soul buddies forever. I can ask anything and the answer will be a combination of wisdom and love. Her touch channels total positive energy, her decisions made with the same care she would devote to her own family. God has had His arms around me through every joy and every heartache in my life. When this new challenge confronted me, I asked for help and He led me to Huyen. If you want to fully understand why I say that, all you have to do is meet her, bask in the warmth of her smile, and feel her love and healing energy envelop your spirit. Like me, you will know that everything is going to be all right!" -G.M.

March 6, 2013

"I have had lymphedema in my right arm since finishing treatment for breast cancer late 1997. Therefore, on this day March 6, 2013, Lymphedema D-Day, I would like to honor Huyen Lu Vitale. Having you as my MLD Therapist since October 2012 has been a blessing. During this short time not only as the MLD treatment reduced the lymphedema in my arm tremendously, but you have given me a lot more than you'll ever know. Your dedication and knowledge in this area has led me to other available modalities that I was not aware of that my particular situation would benefit from. One particular situation was meeting with a lovely staff member from A Place For Her at the Lakeland Regional Cancer Center. After meeting with Kim, I felt so happy with items that will not only help my swelling but also make me feel beautiful. Again, you made this happen. But I'm not stopping here. I would also like to honor Stephanie. She is such a sweetheart! Having her as your first meet and greet staff member makes all the difference too. Her heartwarming greeting in addition to her professional manner makes one want to keep coming back. Not say spoiling my husband too! However, I want to say you have a gem having Stephanie as one of your staff members representing your establishment. Huyen I am celebrating 2013 Lymphedema D-Day having met you, Stephanie and your staff on this special day! -M.S."

February 22, 2013

"I just wanted to log in and say thank you for all that you have done to help my husband. The swelling in his leg, due to a blood clot and subsequent diagnosis of Hodgkin's Lymphoma had become so severe that I was beginning to think that there would be some very horrible complications in his treatment of the cancer. For those reading this and needing this treatment, I would like to tell you that Huyen Vitale and her assistant Stephanie made us feel so very comfortable from the moment we walked into the warm and positive space that is her office in Clermont, Florida. After watching my husband's leg swelling for months and months with the knowledge that there is no cure for lymphedema, you can imagine our surprise when we woke in the morning, after his first session and bandaging from Huyen, the swelling in his leg had gone down so much that the bandages were falling down past his knee. I apologize for the run-on sentences but I cannot say enough positive things about how wonderful and informative our sessions have been. Thank you, P.V and E.V.

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